Sacred ​ Wings​

A  Body Opening Tantric Intuitive Expression ​

Learn Tantric Living

If you are feeling the call to invigorate your life with regenerative creativity, sensuality, 

and deep presence,

 then I invite you to explore my website to see if my services feel resonant with 

your body's knowing.

Ultimately, You are your own teacher and I am here to help you embody your 

authentic power and compassionate heart through 

holistic mindfulness practices

that get you in touch with yourself through joy, play, presence, and rooted reverence.

-Learning practices to dissolve stagnancy within your body, emotions, and sensual energy

-Evolving the meaning of what it is to be intimate

-Evolving the meaning of what it is to be present

-Expanding your abilities and capacities for intimacy with yourself and your loved ones

-Learning how to ignite joy in the seemingly mundane tasks such as folding laundry,

doing dishes, vacuuming, business, driving, etc. Seriously!

-Learning how to be in deeper communion with our natural earth

The more you give "Donate" the more Is given back in Quality.