Sacred ​ Wings​

A  Body Opening Tantric Intuitive Expression ​

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About Consent

We are All Just Winging It.

As a Healer, Teacher, Practitioner, Spiritual Explorer, Humans of Design, and we simple people, we are given the great honor of trust.  Your clients/participants/partners, entrust you with their energy, their mind and well-being.  Whether you like it or not,  as a healer, teacher, practitioner, spiritual explorer, ect, we are in the position of power.  

Because we have power, we have the responsibility to honor and discern trust and uphold the integrity of our position and not for our clients, participants and or partners, but the agreement of our position on the trust of the contract and or session.  Violating the boundaries (spoken or unspoken) is a violation of consent and destroys trust.  The Impacts of this aren't just about the trauma, caused to your client or participant, but it also degrades the credibility of your profession, your energic aggreements with all involved to feel safe and to freely be, just to be.  Guidlines are set to give us so much more freedom than we can actually comphend.  And Once broken, over stepped, please do the work to go further so we may feel safe again and learn the greater depth of what it means so we may learn from you.  Do please bring your shadow into the light. 

Wisdom into Consent

When you peel away the layers of Human Design to understand the languages and the different types of  Yeses and NOs, you will also discover the Maybes, of which can work either way...

For example the Myter/ Heretics Energies, They don't know their yeses until they go through Maybe.  

Weather or not you are a Maybe for your experience, you must come to the floor with a yes or no and know that if it ends up being a no, It is not the practitioners fault for your experience with them.  However it is your responsibility to speak up, even if this is your 3rd time of thinking this is a maybe, its okay that it takes you time to know its a NO.  And it is your practitioners job to leave the door wide open for you to feel safe, held and heard from a beautiful heart space if and or when you change your mind...  You are not being wishy washy, you are being a authentic human to what feels good to you.  Different energies "HUmans" are meant for certain expression of people. 

Not one practice is meant for everyone person. 

What Is Consent?

Consent is actually Very Simple: If its not a clear "yes,' its a no" Any vagueness or am​ubiquity is a sign that you are entering into a non-consensual areas. When you get a massage, you give consent for the massage therapist to touch you. Massage Therapist often ask: "Are there any areas you dont want to be touched? and sexual boundaries are made clear.  Sexual Feeling may arise during massage, but clear boundaries keep everyone safe.  It's critical to set clear agreements before either client or practitioner enter into a healing experience.  Few Practitioners have there clients sign consent forms- a written contract defining agreements around touch and boundaries.  Both the client and practitioner sign this contract, it helps with defining the boundaries of the relationship-protecting both the practitioner and client.







The Human Experience

Any Connection or Contact with another HUman even if it is in the ethers can be a violation or a very pleasant experience.

Ethers; Warmth, Light, Chemical or Tone, Life 

also see Etheric Body, Astro-projection, Phychic, Empathic, Abilities or learned tools once again can be a violation or a very pleasant experience. 

Ask permission, wait for consent.  Even if you think people or your supposed human would be a yes, there is a way to ask for consent.  We all living in our own perceptive/realm of being and what seems like love to one person may not be so much to another. 

 Even if energy is just energy

 We are also Humans with all kinds of programs. Respect the beautiful differences. 


Is Sexual Healing Ever Consensual?

YES.  Humans are sexual beings, with sexual Traumas, overwhelm, and PTSD, can sometimes benefit from the help of a professional with expertise in this arena.  While in most states sexual interaction in exchange for money may be illegal, from a consent standpoint, sexual healing in consensual when both parties go into the experience with clear agreements and a clear understanding of what will occur.  Our responsibility around sexuality and any natural feeling that may arise is for us to be clear in our boundaries and communication before any healing sessions occurs.  

Just because someone my "feel sexual" that is not enough to yes to that person.. Rather ask "Would you like to have sex and do you agree to sexual intercourse as part of this session?  If a client is ever feeling uncomfortable or unsure, STOP. 

Any service that offers sexual intercourse is normally part of a year plus longer program for sexual healing.  Sex is not just given.  Its a spiritual healing practice for those who actually need the healing or a guide to be connected to source.

This is not just about healer to client, but also about a drop in with your partner.

Is your Partner sexual and do you know if he/she is just creating energy, to feel alive and playful, or is he/she really asking for some sexual healing or play time.

drop in; go for a walk, feel and listen to each others desires, wishes, and triggers, as we grow, we change and expand and sometimes contract to once again evolve. 

When Can Consent Be Given?

Consent can be given at any time you are in participation with any living breathing creature. 

During a time you come into a session or practice with someone or group,  consent can only happen before you engage in a session with practitioner/participant/client.  Because of the practitioner/participants/clients position of vulnerability.  Consent cannot be given or change during a healing and or sensual experience-Even if a Participant request it.  If one of the Participant is trying to push the boundaries, End the experience.   While it helps to ensure that they feel cared for while maintaining the boundary, as rejection is often a feeling that arises in these types of situations, it is not your responsibility to prevent them from feeling rejected.  As a practitioner, or the lead participant, it is your responsibility to hold the safe container (for both you and them) for the experience.  If something comes up in the session that needs to be explored, but wasn't agreed to ahead of time, end the session.  Take at least 24 hours before going into another session with new agreements.

Where is Consent in Medicine Work?

Spirit medicine and psychedelics can be powerful tools for healing, when supported by a professional or a life path  Medicine HUman with experience and training.  Like other healing modalities, with medicine work, it is important that clear boundaries are firmly established ahead of time.  Written agreements are key in the arena.  This protects both the practitioner and participants. 

When a participant/you is under the influence of medicine,  you are not able to give consent.  However, you are able to revoke consent while under the influence of medicine.  We assume that sexual touch is a "no" during the session (even if you said "yes' beforehand).  Participants are going into this work for healing, maintaining good boundaries and listening for your "no" it is key in ensuring that you  are having a healing experience. 

The problem is that due to the legal status of these drugs, much of the healing work happens in the dark, hidden from society and the law- leaving participants without a way to report abuses.  There is a movement toward licensing which will help differentiate professionals from those who are not appropriately trained.  While licensing wont stop 100% of abuses, it creates a system of accountability and protects and participants that my come forward with complaints.  There some medicine humans in all fields that it is there practice to live the work without the funds it takes to become a so called licensing healer in any form.  There are no funding systems for that truly work for not only healer type people, but for those who are hands on and yet don't do community college or college education do to there human design, and what their spiritual medicine gift actually is and where they come from.  Around the world.  

Above as below in the system and out of system.  Take responsibility for your own victim and heron experience and live in your true authentic self governing to the best ability that you have and do ask for help and educate yourself through your heart to the best of you ability.  If you do find yourself with a "true" abuser, not a "sacred clown, martyr".  Making it public knowledge may be your best notice to those interested in sexual and or medicine healing.  Proceed further if you are aware, and concrete that abuser actually keeps abusing.  Or is there change, awareness and a process to shift.

Medicine magic with sexual healing can be so beautiful and just pure Ecstasy with the right practitioner and if you are truly ready for a experience that will shift your awareness and your love for self and GOD Energy of Sacredness.  Feel into your heart and soul for true magic of which you wish to experience, explore with another Human Practitioner or participant.