Sacred ​ Wings​

A  Body Opening Tantric Intuitive Expression ​

What are you Seeking?

I was personally seeking someone who could just witness and guide me, help me feel safe to do my own sexual energy work, someone who could ride my wave of lava into a peak without taming me, or wanting any sexual experience themselves from me.  I wanted to feel my high sexual energy of my true Goddess self.

I received my 10ft tall Goddess self with a added bonus of how much i would love to give this freedom to others.

 A awareness of higher calling to self Love, Play, Dance and to just maybe inspire others on the way.

What do you seek? What do you want to Explore? What do you wish for? What is your question, your intention?

Here are some more specific questions you may ask yourself:

"Do I have sexual dysfunction or a block to pleasure that is impairing my ability to have a satisfying life?"

"Do I have a energy block that is disrupting my self love and or my love making with my partner?"

"Have i had sexual trauma that might be interfering with my ability to have good sex or genuine intimacy?"

"Am I in or coming out of a difficult, manipulative, or abusive relationship?"

"Do I have a body image or self image issues that leave me feeling like i will never have the relationship I want?"

"Am I interested in the union of spirituality and sexuality, or sexual mysticism?"

"Do I want to learn techniques to deepen intimacy with my current or future partner?"

"Do I want to learn some particular sexual technique or have a particular sexual experience?"

"Do I want to prepare myslf for and or manifest my next partner?"

"Do I need intense nurturing?'

Statements that may help:

I'm wanting help in energy clearing

I want purification

I want to play, Dance, feel again

I want to feel alive

I want my relationship to have a rebirth

I want to feel loved

I want to feel sexy

I want to remember myself

I need re-energized

I wish to feel free or to address my trauma

I want to clear old, stagnant energy from past relationships

I wish to explore all sacred expression you are capable of teaching, and giving at this time.


You are married without permission of the feminine 

Drinking in moderation is fine, as all things are, however Drinking daily is not okay..

Medication or Recreation Drugs, and or Medicine is also not okay unless prescribed by doctor, Moderate in your use of cannibals and or we have a Medicine Practitioner, Shaman on board 


You where Reffed to me from known Healer, Shaman, Guide, Teacher

You are coming from a true Heart space

You are a Free Spirited, a Healer with a background of Breathe Work, Reiki, Energy Work, and have no qualms of hiking naked.

(must have 2 of these statements as true to you)

What Can I except in Dakini Sessions?

Both Tantric Massage and Tantric Healing

Tantric Massage encompasses all physical massage modalities, emotional, energetic, and or spiritual healing that one has learned or gone to school for. The Difference in the modalities is the intention. Tantric Healing uses Sexual energy as a healing tool, but can include a much broader range of energy and shamanic work.

Yoni, Lingam and Prostate Massage

To promote healing, clearing, opening and loving the Divine inside and out. 

Opening Lotus, Clearing stagnate energy and freeing potential past trauma and that can lead to cancer cells. 

Physical, Emotional, Vocal, Energetic Exercises maybe guided and or coached through.


Just long deep breathes



Sessions Geared those who are new to everything

Every session you will be given a new Reiki symbol to upload and use on just you and only you unless you have been given consent.  To give without asking is a violation of said persons sovereignty. 

You will not be certified, however you will have the knowledge and the power within you to heal and grow yourself. 

Drop inn, in every session.  Asking questions and what is happening in your world and all the feels.  Self Love, Self Exploration.  Drop inns, are not a session thing or counsel thing it is a life practice thing. 

Receive Bodyworks of the following: 

Tanran Rieki

Body Connection 1 Self

Meditation Bodywork


Body Connection 2 Breath with practioner

Floor work

love languge 

Body Connection  3   Floor work 



Wet Room/ Color


Tantric Living/ What's your Expression?

Syllabus Homework

To Start

1. Being naked is optional

2. Pay attention to your breath

3. Engage all your senses

4. Consent and Check in with (inner child self)

5. Explore into your own body, Organs, Chakras, the Space between the Organs.


7. Experiment

​8. You don't have to go full Tantra, the more you dive in the fuller the your expression of your True inner self.


Assessment to what turns you on in yourself as a sexual divine human.

Breathe work

Genitalia work



Mirror Work, Reiki and a new self expression of your choice to explore. Write down your yeses, nos and maybes.  

Remember Maybes just mean your not sure because of past programing that may block you from your true self expressions.   Your maybes are what you need to explore.