Sacred ​ Wings​

A  Body Opening Tantric Intuitive Expression ​


Short Bio

2005 Massage Therapy

2011 Spiritual Redesign

2016 Tan Ran Rieki

2017 Couples Intimacy

2018 Vesta

2018 Blueprints for Intimacy, Honor, Self Love

LIFE LESSONS/Self Taught/Many different types of Shamans, Teachers, Mystics and Guides

My Path in life is of trans-formative healing energy for self.  What i have learned, what i heal from and what i find pleasure and joy in,  that is what i present in my work, what i give back to you.

Path in Intimacy, Taboo, Finances

Healing the home, nurturing, and material world

My essence feels like Gaia, mother, lover and sister, and something familiar.

I can be many things, based perception.

 Mainly Humane

Thank You for your support and your Time.