Sacred ​ Wings​

A  Body Opening Tantric Intuitive Expression ​


Short Bio

2005 Massage Therapy

2011 Spiritual Redesign

2016 Tan Ran Rieki

2017 Couples Intimacy

2018 Vesta

2018 Blueprints for Intimacy, Honor, Self Love

LIFE LESSONS/Self Taught/Many different types of Shamans, Teachers, Mystics and Guides

My Path

My Path in life is of determination of the self and of the spirit expressed, to bring in your true authentic self expressed in your own sacred way of playing, dancing and truly just loving the way you love and want to be loved.

My essence 

feels like Gaia, Mother, Lover, Sister, Mystic and something foreign , something familiar.

I can be many things, based perception.

 Mainly Humane

Traveling to many locations, houses, states, ext.

I have found very few humans who are Truly expressed in authentic self. Most are hindered due to surrounding, family and the law in all forms. Not knowing how to go about how to express thyself and feel safe in doing so.

The program of what is appropriate and what is not. Programs of whats is right and whats is wrong.

Are you a left or right wing, the Heron, Savor, or the Victim and Myter? Are your eyes open, or shut, can you see even with your eyes closed. Are you the Heart of the Eagle, the Falcon, The Sparrow, who is whole in its form. Are you flying with both wings, are you aware of what that means.

Our truth is in our hearts and its what is in our hearts that we shall manifest into reality. That is the Goal.

 Our Hearts Message into Reality. Inspired Actions Of Love

What is your bliss, your joy, thy freedom of expression...

I offer what has helped me no longer yearn, and play in my free spirit energy and truly be my own divine loving healer, pleasure creature, becoming UNION within the self no matter the surroundings, I find myself.

If i can help you find a way to be in the moment, to feel, see, think, give, receive, even taste differently, to experience a maybe into a yes, i would be delighted to help you have a new expression of your true heart centered self.

I believe I would be able to give a beautiful heart centered space of understanding everyone life path for the time being. Shall a person say yes to the practice that they will find themselves with the love, honor and grace, for themselves and others. That they seek themselves further through the heart and no one else. Receiving Freedom to express and receive in divine timing.

We are all Worthy unto ourselves.

Thank You for your support and your Time.