Sacred ​ Wings​

A  Body Opening Tantric Intuitive Expression ​

 Suggested Service Fees are listed based on the average around the world from the Thrive Space.

All sessions are 2hours long. schedule yourself 3 hours of free time.

All Sessions are on a sliding scale of the following. This is your donation.

All sessions for the divine masculine is $222 to $666 per session

All sessions for the divine feminine $111.00 to $333.00 per session

A Rapeh medicine session only is $55.00 

Working from Survival "lack of heart" into Thrive "Full of Heart" provider, as practicing as a artist of the body, of the divine creative worth into creation.

Trade Donation and Tip List

Green Energy



Young living/Doterra Oils

Coconut Oil

Massage Oil, Gel, Lotions


Frog Medincine

Medicine of Shamans 

Natural Medicine

Bath Salts



Espresso Machine

weighted blankets all sizes

Water Pillows

Plants with known healing properties

eatable flowers

fish that nibble on your body

bio mat(s)

Purple Lotus Shopping

Costume Building

What would you love in your luxury session and bring that with excess for others.