Sacred ​ Wings​

A  Body Opening Tantric Intuitive Expression ​


During any sessions with Makana, Dropping In before and after the sessions are preferred unless there is a call to do so during your session.  Some sessions require you to express yourself, however if you are talking or asking the practitioner to communicate with you during your session, you are taking away your own channeled session for absolute healing, and or downloads.

See Makana for Open and Defined awareness


All sessions are 2hours long.  schedule yourself 3 hours of free time.

All Sessions are on a sliding scale of the following.  This is your donation.

All sessions for the divine masculine is $222 to $666 per session

All sessions for the divine feminine $111.00 to $333.00 per session

A Rapeh medicine session only is $55.00 

BOTI Bodywork Practioner

Body Opening Tantric Intuitive

Is a Dance that uses Breath Work with Divine Connection to your Energetic Body Flow.  To seduce your Body Open into a more fluid movement and or awareness of what to wants to be seen, felt or release.  A Tantric movement from the heart. Shifting Prospective. 

Using BOTI in EVERY Session

Benefit of the Benefit

Shift of Prospective

Expansion In Connection


 Become more self expressed with authenticates.. Awareness in tools they can bring home for self love.

If so choose, sexual intimacy. This is a Journey of discovery.


Teaching them how to be with a partner through touch container that is created.  So they choose to ask for guide. 

They are able to function in a more productive way, from work to partners and family situations.

Deep Dive

Coming in June 2021

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Tantric BodyWork

The closest to massage

plays on more of the physical muscle work. 

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Tantric Sensual

Focus on the Passion of the body and the soul.

Starts off very slow, into your own sexual dance of feeling you through me with a added container of self surrender and slowing down into a balance of both masculine and feminine energy.


Ultimate Experience 

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Tantric Soul Rest

Slow, Rhythmatic, soft to light, to medium.  To Rest, dream, or snore away.

Great for Empaths and PTSD

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Session Intention and Questions

Text or Email what you are looking to receive.

Request for Surface:

 Floor, Table, Nature 

Request Space: Inside, Outside.

What is your preference on draping, clothing and nudity?

 1 being conservative/Modest Heavy Draping. 

 10 clothing and draping are not wanted or needed.

What is your healing, or your loving/joyful/soulful intention?

Please respond with full awareness of this site content. 

Add On To Your Session and or Service

One Week Notice for most add ons. 

Please Request

Ceremonial Honoring of the Yoni Breast and or Lingam through Touch and Enetergetics.

Using Elements: Hot, Cold, Stones, Feathers, or tools that you may want to feel or expand.

(Themes: Luxury, Romantic, Whimsical

flowers, candles, scrubs, oils, fruits, and drinks)

add on $100 to your session for Themes



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Package for a night stay in 2021

Stay The Night 

One Week Notice For Packages

$150.00 per night

A package with provider


Be as quiet, or as loud as you wanna be.

Self Express






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SESSION that are listed below will com​e in 2022

Sensory BodyWork

Power Tools

Rose Room

Flower Room

Candle Romance

Body Friction

Arizona/Alaska Mix



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Tanran Rieki

How does Tanran Rieki differ from other thousands of Rieki modalities. 

Tanran Rieki acknowledges that love is an energy and can heal anything inside a person given enough time, receptiveness and willingness to change. 

Tanran is a hands off and hands on energy work.

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Wet Room

Yoni Steam

 (Detox, Loving Rose Lips)

Prostate/Anal Steam




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Meditation Bodywork

Added guided meditation, for energetic body awareness, helping your body to mind and heart become one, united.

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CLASSES that are listed below will com​e in 2022

Connection Touch Class


All Seasons of Earthing

Connection to Gaia, To Breathe, to Movement, to Presence, to the nurturing of the Mother through Gaia.



Full Body Earthing

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Floor Work

Body Work with extra room for more in depth Stretching.  Body Movement

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Floor Work

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Dakini Session

Dakini Bodywork

Geared for worshiping the Divine Masculine and Feminine as singles or as a teaching class for couples.

Embodiment of all sessions

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LOVE Language

Blueprints (Astrology, Human Design, Erotic Blueprint)

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Tantric Living

Tantric Living Coaching and Guide for yourself, Household, Sanctuaries, and Retreats

Traveling as a Vesta

You pay for Classes, Sessions, Travels, Experiences of all Tantic, Holistic Exercises, Expressions...

All genders, all races, ALL HUMANS, aliens if you will. 

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All other Expressions, Unlimited, Time is Energy "Donations/Tips Excepted"