Sacred ​ Wings​

A  Body Opening Tantric Intuitive Expression ​


"To Weave"

Text, Theory, System, Method, Technique or Practice.

Tantra has been mistaken for sex and sexual acts do to Western Culture. While sex and sexual acts with Tantric practice make for a more in depth and emotion, spiritual, physical healing,

Tantra is to worship, be in the moment, meditate, yoga, puja, dance, connect to everything you touch, smell, witness, listen and feel.

To fully be present,

in your body, full awareness.

to experience,



"To Weave"

To Start

1. Being naked is optional

2. Pay attention to your breath

3. Engage all your senses

4. Consent and Check in with (inner child self, and

 or Partner)

5. Explore all of your own body and or your partners body.

6. Go SLOW

7. Experiment

​8. You don't have to go full Tantra, the more you dive in the fuller the your expression of your True inner self.