Sacred ​ Wings​

A  Body Opening Tantric Intuitive Expression ​

My Purpose With The Trouf, 

Yellow Brick Funding

As i have traveled to many locations, houses, states, ext.

My visits as a Sanctuary, Retreat Vesta, A Tantric House Caretaker, Housekeeper, Grounds Keeper, to keep the fire burning, has been very awakening to my true nature of what it means for me to LOVE, Hold Space and to be apart of magic and development.

As Part of the Trouf, I would bring my knowledge and experience to set up how to live, work and play in a multi dwelling that is suitable for everyone involved, according to a person/s design.

Understanding that within every environment no matter how well put together it is that everyone may have a form of what it looks like to have confrontations and how to sit with it and bring to the table a essence of ease and understandings.

Also bring in different elements of awareness and self love and how to live everyday with a essence of a expanded love that is beautiful for you. 

 Shall a person say yes to the Trouf and or the practice that they may find themselves with the love, honor and grace, for themselves and for others. That they seek themselves further through the heart and no one else. Receiving freedom to express and receive in divine timing.

We are all Worthy unto ourselves.

Thank You for your support and your Time.